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Our Mission:

“Saving lives and improving care

The science now exists to protect you and your family from adverse reactions to prescription drugs.  Drugs you probably assume are safe.  After all, they are FDA approved.  But the reality is that millions of Americans have reactions serious enough to be hospitalized and over 128,000 die every year.

Parallel Testing gives you and your family access to a state of the art, painless Pharmacogenomic DNA test and a consumer-friendly report, explained by a certified expert physician.  You will learn how your individual DNA affects the safety and effectiveness of 100s of medicines.  Our expert physicians will also share your findings with all of your doctors so they all know what’s best for you.

And, you can do it without leaving your home.  We will send you a test swab and return envelope and when your results are ready you can do a video consult from your phone, tablet, or computer.

Our Team:

CATHY CATHER, CEO – senior manager with broad experience in developing and selling healthcare, and service organizations, including senior positions or consulting for Towers Watson, Accolade, Quantum Health, ConsumerMedical, PinnacleCare, Teladoc, and United HealthCare

LEONARD WISNESKI, M.D., F.A.C.P. Chief Medical Officer – former CMO of Marriott, professor at medical schools (U of Colorado, George Washington U, and Georgetown Med School), who has served as Chairman and/or member of NIH committees, and author of Integrative Medicine textbooks

DAN HANDLEY, Ph.D. Chief Science Officer – B.A., Johns Hopkins; M.S., Carnegie Mellon U.; Ph.D Human Genetics, University of Pittsburgh, Chief Science Officer Clinical and Translational Genome Research Institute, Life Sciences Director at Proctor & Gamble; senior analyst and lab manager, UCLA School of Medicine

MARK KALLAN, President/Chief Marketing Officer – created and led companies in real estate development, consumer products, education, and medical products and treatments including those offered directly to consumers through both private companies and IPOs to NASDAQ

Dennis KanaiDENNIS KANAI, CPA and Chartered Global Management Accountant, CFO and Senior Operations Advisor –Senior financial executive with experience in managing companies with revenues over $250 million

SAM BIERSTOCK, M.D., BSEE, Senior Medical Advisor – electrical engineer and eye surgeon, founder of the Global Medical Microtechnology Association, recipient of George Washington Medal, Freedom Foundation and former Chief Medical Officer of IBM

EDWIN ADDISON, Advisor, Artificial Intelligence, Life Sciences, Technology, & Business – Serial Entrepreneur in IT and Life Sciences; founded 6 companies/ funded 4, taught at Johns Hopkins, NC State U, Stevens Institute of Technology, and managed technology transfer for Duke, U of Florida, Johns Hopkins; also broad Gov’t Contract/Grant Experience: CIA, NSA, USAF, NIH, & Dept. of Energy